Johannes Evers/ヨハネス・エヴァース


The Works of Johannes Evers are reflectionrooms, a combination of video, sculpture and sculptural narration. In the installations the artist is researching the fields of art historical traditions (tableau vivant), ways of abstraction, gender and social roles. Trough the participation in his videoworks he enables the viewer to see the constellations and problems an artist faces in the process of production.


Born 13.3.1979 in Munich
2005-2011 Study of fine Arts at the Academy of fine Arts Munich under Prof.   Hermann Pitz
2004-2006 Stage design assistant under Heidrun Schmelzer

1979 3月13日ミュンヘンに生まれる
2004-2006 ハイドルン・シュメルツァーの舞台設計アシスタント
2005-2011 ミュンヘン芸術アカデミー。ヘルマン・ピッツ教授に師事。